Understanding the importance of standards in Quantum Technologies

The UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, within its recently refreshed strategic intent document, identifies the development of standards as an important part of the creation of a thriving quantum ecosystem.

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09.20 - 13.15



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The aim of this event is to bring together UK industrial, governmental and academic organisations within the quantum field to exchange ideas about the need for standards, discuss which activities to pursue, and how the UK ensures that it plays a full role internationally in this emerging aspect of quantum technologies.

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The aim of the morning seminar is to engender understanding of the importance standards play in supporting UK Industry and the role Academia has through the provision of knowledge and technical expertise. The process of standards development with worked examples will be presented with reference to the role of supporting organisations. After each presentation there will be a brief question and answer session with an open discussion concluding the morning.

A range of emerging quantum technologies are likely to have significant impact on the way our lives function in the future. Successful development, commercialisation and deployment will likely depend on standards covering various aspects of their construction, operation, security and validation. In Quantum Communications standards exist, and new ones are being developed. In other areas of quantum technologies (computing, imaging, sensing) there are discussions and efforts emerging internationally, within international standards organisations such as the IEEE, ISO and CENELEC.

Draft Agenda

  • 9:20 – Introduction to the Standards Workshop-scope, aim and agenda | Dr Rhys Lewis, Head of Quantum Metrology Institute, National Physical Laboratory
  • 9:30 – Value and importance of Standards | Sir Peter Knight FRS, Chair of the UKNQTP Strategic Advisory Board
  • 9:50 – The role of Standards from the Government perspective | Daniel Okubo, Deputy Director, DCMS
  • 10:10 – Standards; the process of development and release | Emelie Bratt, Programme Manager, BSi & Dr Charles Clifford, Senior Research Scientist, National Physical Laboratory
  • 10:40 – Standards and Quantum Communication | Jonathan Legh-Smith, Head of Scientific Affairs, BT
  • 11:00 – Comfort break
  • 11:10 – Standards and Quantum Sensing | Professor Kai Bongs, Director of Innovation, PI of the UK National Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Timing, University of Birmingham
  • 11:40 – Standards and Quantum Imaging
  • 12:10 – Standards and Quantum Computing | Dr Richard Murray, Co-founder and CEO, ORCA Computing
  • 12:40 – Discussion and summary
  • 13:15 – Morning seminar close

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