UK Phage Innovation Showcase

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09.30 - 16.30



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Recording now available

Watch the official launch of the University of Leicester’s Centre for Phage Research and showcase of the knowledge and experience in phage research and development in the UK across multiple sectors.


Co-sponsored by the Centre for Phage Research, Innovate UK, and the Food Safety Research Network, this event united multiple sectors on the topic of phage.

We showcased translational research into developing phage-based technologies that are underway in the UK and highlighting key successes.

We explored common challenges in the development and implementation of phage-based technologies and discussed how the phage community can work together to realise the full potential of this natural resource, furthering research, and growth in this area in the UK.

Who is this event for?

  • Industry scientists
  • Academics
  • Medical doctors and allied health professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Funders
  • Supporting organisations

Why watch?

  • Learn about the University of Leicester’s Centre for Phage Research
  • Hear from leading phage researchers and innovators from academia, medicine and industry
  • Learn about advances being made across different sectors within the phage space in the UK
  • Establish new connections and learn about opportunities to resource projects and potential partnerships
  • Understand the challenges that face the development of phage-based technologies and the potential solutions across different sectors
  • Join the UK’s phage innovation community

Online Hub

We are looking to create an online video hub to showcase the state-of-the-art of phage research and development in the UK. Through this platform we want to connect and expand the phage community, enable stakeholders to identify potential solutions to challenges they face, and foster new collaborative opportunities between industry and academia. We would like to offer you the opportunity to feature your research or technology in the hub. Please submit your interest here.


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