UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2022

The 2022 UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase is back for another year.

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09.00 - 16.00


QEII Centre
Broad Sanctuary

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Game changing science and technologies that will transform business and everyday lives.

Watch all the recordings below:

Complete showcase (17 videos, 7 hours)

Highlights reel
Welcome session
Session 1 Strand 1: Quantum Communications at All Distance Scales
Session 1 Strand 2: Enabling seamless quantum-compute-as-a-service
Session 2 Strand 1: Quantum Computing – The Hype and The Reality
Session 2 Strand 2: ColdQuanta’s Unique Approach to the Quantum Ecosystem
Session 3 Strand 1: Quantum sensing and imaging for healthcare
Session 3 Strand 2: Quantum interconnects – an essential capability to realise commercially useful Quantum Computing
Session 4 Strand 1: Quantum imaging and sensing for defence, security and transport
Session 4 Strand 2: Closing the technology gap – building error corrected quantum computers for quantum benefit
Session 5 Strand 1: NPL (National Physical Laboratory)
Session 5 Strand 2: QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) from commercialisation to deployment
Session 6 Strand 1: NQCC (National Quantum Computing Centre) Purpose & Progress
Session 6 Strand 2: Quantum technology for hydrogen safety
Session 7 Strand 1: Quantum Simulators for Fundamental Physics
Session 7 Strand 2: Rigetti

The 2022 National Quantum Technologies Programme (NQTP) Showcase features some of the UK’s most exciting projects from across the Quantum landscape.

With the UK home to around half the quantum businesses in Europe, this is your chance to discover the growing commercialisation and industrialisation of quantum technologies in the UK.

Open to anyone from industry, academia, government and VC’s or investors looking to explore the huge opportunities quantum can offer.

Over 60 exhibitor stands were available.

The showcasel also demonstrated the success and progress of the NQTP (National Quantum Technologies Programme) which by 2024 will have invested £1 billion of private and public funding into quantum research and innovation.

With several hundred businesses from supply chain to end users and technology developers, the programme is speeding up the move of quantum technologies into the market.

Through strong collaboration between academia and industry, the programme is accelerating the development, industrialisation and adoption of quantum science and technologies in application areas such as sensing and metrology, computing and simulation, communication and imaging.

There are huge breakthroughs happening across automotive, healthcare, infrastructure, telecommunications, cybersecurity and defence. Boosting UK businesses and having a real impact on our everyday lives. Watch the recordings above to find out more.

For further info, please contact Innovate UK KTN’s Quantum Technologies team.


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