State of the Art of Sensing Technologies for Precision Medicine & Digital Health

Sensing technology is the key to enabling the development of Precision Medicine and Digital Health. In this session, we have invited three industry experts to present their technologies developed for use in Precision Medicine and Digital Health practices.

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10.00 - 12.00



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They will discuss using wearable to achieve digital phenotypic for diseases diagnostics and deep machine learning method for cancer detections. In addition, four relevant companies will showcase their technologies.

Webinar recording is now available


The use of digital assets including electronic health records and remote collection of ‘vital signs’ combined with a deeper understanding of individuals’ physiology has led to the emergence of a new health care strategy; precision medicine. This has the potential to enable more precise diagnosis, more informed clinical decisions and, ultimately, a more targeted and effective treatment or intervention for every patient, improving the overall care quality.

Sensor technology, which features at various points in the precision medicine landscape, can enhance diagnostics, therapy management and health status monitoring and is a key component of this new approach at multiple stages of the patient journey.

This 3 days webinar will bring together relevant communities, sensor technology providers, new molecular characterisation technology developers and innovators working in AI, and other relevant stakeholders such as innovation funders. It aims to facilitate knowledge sharing, stimulate new ideas generation, develop new collaborations and partnerships.

Leading experts will discuss key subjects relevant to market challenges and opportunities, state of the art sensing technologies, emerging sensing technologies, as well as relevant innovation funding opportunities in the UK. Additionally, selected industry companies will showcase their technologies, expertise, and capabilities in shorter pitching talks.

Collaboration Platform: Our online networking tool, Meeting Mojo, can be used to discuss collaborative opportunities and facilitate introductions between the delegates and the speakers.

Meeting Mojo provides powerful networking through online messaging and 1:1 virtual meetings. You will be able to use this to upload your profile, search other users’ profiles and book video chat meetings via the platform which will take place after each webinar.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Charles Nduka, Chief Scientific Officer, Emteq Limited
  • Mustafa Alhamdi, Data Scientist, Innovative Physics Ltd



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