Sort and Segregate Nuclear Waste - Competition Briefing

£3.9m funding (inc VAT) available for innovative ways to sort and segregate radioactive waste.

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14.00 - 16.00



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The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, in partnership with Innovate UK, is delivering an SBRI competition to fund innovative ideas that will lead to cheaper, safer and faster ways of sorting and segregating radioactive waste. Successful applicants will receive 100% funding to develop and demonstrate their technologies.

Webinar recording and slides are now available

Find the slides here.


Funding – The competition is in 2 phases:

  • In phase 1 a total of £600,000 (inc VAT) is available, with individual contracts worth up to £60,000 (inc VAT) over 3 months, being awarded to the best applications to deliver a technical feasibility study
  • In phase 2, a total of £3.3m (inc VAT) is available, with individual contracts worth up to £900,000 (inc VAT) over 15 months to deliver a full-scale prototype demonstrator

The initial competition is for phase 1 only.

Scope – We’re looking for you to develop an integrated and autonomous system that can do all of the following:

  • detect the type and intensity of the radioactivity present using existing technology
  • determine the composition, size, shape, and surface area of the material
  • sort and segregate the waste by radioactive classification and material type
  • remotely move the waste from a specific area and then pack it into an appropriate container
  • collect and analyse data and images, and retain accurate records.

Who should attend – Applications can be led by any organisation, of any size and from any sector. We are keen to encourage technology transfer from other industrial sectors (outside nuclear) that carry out multiple complex automated tasks, rapidly and safely. This might include, for example, food processing, logistics, waste management, high value manufacturing or medical. We are particularly looking to fund innovative projects that combine existing technologies into a single integrated system.


  • Competition launches Monday 27 July
  • Competition opens 17 August
  • On-line briefing event 25 August
  • Competition closes 11 November

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