Safe AI Adoption in Sellafield: Roundtable Sessions

Between 19-23 April, we are inviting AI suppliers to join KTN for a series of roundtable discussions, in order to share their knowledge of adopting AI safely across sectors. Through these sessions, we wish to identify organisations that have solutions for Sellafield Ltd and its potential collaborators.

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19/04/2021 - 23/04/2021

10.00 - 16.00



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Sellafield Ltd is responsible for the safe and secure operation and clean-up of the Sellafield nuclear site. Their current aim is to develop a roadmap which will guide them through the safe adoption of AI for their operations, focusing on waste management and storage, environmental remediation, as well as implementing ethical and regulatory requirements.

Their objective is to use AI to enhance productivity by making work simpler, more controlled and effective. This includes modernising the management of its site, reducing the energy demand, and decarbonising some of the operations.

Sellafield Ltd understands the successful adoption of AI requires a pragmatic approach, requiring a game-plan that results in a steady acquisition and maturing of knowledge, technical skills, and processes – all geared towards solving a specific set of its operational challenges.

We have now opened the registrations for AI companies (including robotics, drones and AR/VR solutions) that wish to collaborate, share lessons learned and develop tools allowing Sellafield Ltd and its potential collaborators reduce these challenges.

The sessions will be facilitated by KTN experts and will bring together AI suppliers and customers that have already adopted AI, or have similar challenges as Sellafield Ltd and are in need of more guidance. During the registrations process, you will be asked to book one of the ten slots available for the roundtables.

The workshop is aimed at:

  • Companies/organisations that have already adopted AI and are keen to share their experience
  • Companies that have similar challenges as Sellafield Ltd in the safe adoption of AI
  • Companies that are generally interested in adopting AI but aren’t sure where to start
  • Suppliers with innovative AI solutions (including robotics, drones or AR/VR solutions; university researchers welcome)

Attending this workshop will enable you to:

  • Gain knowledge in relation to how others have successfully adopted AI, their challenges and how to prepare the business prior to the adoption
  • Form collaborations that will allow those with similar issues as Sellafield Ltd to reduce the risks and costs of adopting AI by working with Sellafield.
  • The AI community will have an opportunity to understand the challenges at Sellafield Ltd, collaborate and develop tools which will allow them to reduce these challenges.

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