Responsible AI Mini Forum: From Principles to Practice: Sharing learnings across the professional services sectors

Join the AI for Services Team for a Mini-Forum focused on sharing experiences and learnings on implementing responsible AI in the professional services sectors. The event will be of interest to professionals, entrepreneurs, data scientists and engineers developing AI & Data solutions for the professional and financial services sectors.

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15.00 - 17.30



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AI for Services is a UK wide network of 1,300 members bringing together AI & Data high growth entrepreneurs with leading professionals and academics working in the accountancy, insurance and legal services sectors.

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The session will offer participants the opportunity to:

  • Understand how ethical considerations are being applied in the sector
  • Draw comparisons between the different ethical frameworks that already exists across the professional sectors
  • Hear from organisations that have integrated ethical practice into the development and application of AI technologies
  • Put into practice some of the tools available to help identify potential ethical issues associated with a data project or activity.


  • 15.00 – Welcome, Astrid Ayel – AI for Services Lead, KTN
  • 15.10 – Interactive introduction on AI ethical considerations and principles, Lucy Knight  – Associate, ODI Session Synopsis
    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques are being applied to some of the most challenging questions in society. But what exactly are we teaching our machines? And how do we make sure that we’re solving the right problems? Lucy will give a short introduction to low-tech, no-code approaches for supporting ethical data projects.
  • 15.30 – Sharing perspectives, a series of 15 min presentations:
  1. Christina Blacklaws, Chair Lawtech UK & Lawtech UK Ethics UnitSession Synopsis
    From identifying criminals to administering justice and rehabilitation, algorithms are being used increasingly in the criminal justice process. Christina will discuss the impact of bias in algorithms (and society) sharing the research from the Law Society on how algorithms are used in the justice system and the possible risks they present. She will also share early findings of the Lawtech and Ethics review looking at the ethical considerations solicitors and firms should have in designing or procuring Lawtech.
  2. Melissa Collett, Professional Standards Director at Chartered Insurance InstituteSession Synopsis
    Having developed Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)’s Digital Ethics: A Companion to the Code of Ethics, Melissa Collett is keen to raise awareness of best practice and drive ethical behaviour in the digital environment.
  3. Sam Chapman, Chief Innovation Officer, Founder, Director -The Floow LimitedSession Synopsis
    Insurance products fundamentally estimate or adjust risk levels enabling pricing or management of adverse policyholder incidents. The better the risk prediction equates to a better product and therefore ability to find commercial advantage or added value in a product. However despite these base market drivers maximal predictivity is in itself far from the only goal. Sound ethics, transparency, fairness and bias minimisation are fundamental to improved products. But how does this apply to emerging insurance methodologies and approaches? This talk details the work and outputs from UPLIFT an in depth analysis of fairness in the context of motor insurance. This will showcase new means and capability to enable next generation motor insurance with fairness at its core.
  4. Tim Gordon – Managing Partner – Best Practice AISession Synopsis
    In the context of Machine Learning and AI tools being widely adopted across the financial services industry, there is a growing need for companies to make sure that they are deploying these new tools appropriately. This talk will show how to make the business case for the investment in a focused and structured approach across the firm, including clear governance. We will discuss watch-outs and likely key success factors – for both large corporate and early stage firms.
  • 16.30 – Mini Workshop
  1. The Open Data Institute – Data Ethics Canvas
  2. Lucy Knight  – ODI Associate
  • 17:30 – Event Close

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