Redefining Sustainable Innovations: the Circular Economy Exchange

Innovate UK Circular Economy Innovation Network held an in-person industry showcase in Birmingham in February 2024, to exchange cross-sector insights on the circular economy.

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10.00 - 16.30



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Recordings now available

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  1. Highlights reel
  2. Opening welcome and fireside chat: circular design
  3. Panel discussion: circular recovery – reinventing supply chains
  4. Presentation: circular business models
  5. Presentation: sustainable manufacturing
  6. Closing remarks

About the event

The journey towards a Net-Zero future fundamentally relies on fostering a circular economy — a pivotal cornerstone in this transformative endeavour.

Two years back, Innovate UK created and launched the Circular Economy Innovation Network, a community committed to enabling stronger, more resilient industries to work together, connecting, collaborating, and sharing experiences to achieve Net Zero through circular innovation. This visionary initiative brought new sector communities, each centred on the principles of circular design, business models, and circular recovery. Within these vibrant circles, industry pioneers converged, fostering collaborations that empowered collective action. Together, we laid the groundwork, forging collaborative pathways to hasten the transition toward a Net Zero agenda.

Why watch?

This showcase is a great opportunity to unite every facet of the industry and to exchange cross-sector insights on the circular economy. We will use it as a forum to illustrate and demonstrate the vast expanse of innovation opportunities, spotlighting cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking material applications. Our shared aim is to propel the shift toward a circular economy and pave the way for a Net Zero future — a future powered by ingenuity and sustainable practices.

Who is this recording for?

We highly encourage experts from various industries who are interested or actively involved in sustainability, circular economy, manufacturing, and design to watch our recording.


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