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The Photonics for… 2021 webinar series will look at photonics technologies in a variety of sectors and applications.

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Photonics is an underpinning technology with application in a wide range of end-use sectors. Photonics is a key enabler across industrial challenges from the digital economy to autonomous transport, provides innovative healthcare technologies for rapid disease detection, and is essential for Industry 4.0.

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Following the success of our “Photonics for…” 2020 webinar series, we’re pleased to launch the “Photonics for…” 2021 webinar series that will further look at photonics technologies in a variety of sectors and applications.

Speakers from industry and academia will highlight the latest developments and KTN will provide an overview of the landscape and funding opportunities for each area.

The series is aimed at companies and researchers developing photonics technology, and at end-users looking to solve challenges and to produce innovative products and services. Its main aim is to bring together photonics specialists with end-users, therefore there will be networking opportunities across the whole series to support collaboration.

Climate change is a serious and urgent global issue. Photonics has a key part to play in addressing the climate agenda and contributing to achieving net zero targets. There are multiple opportunities to harness the power of photonics innovations, from the use of lasers in photovoltaics and battery production, to lidar and power monitoring for offshore wind turbines, to efficiencies from laser-based production processes. There are also huge challenges in the world’s demand for data storage and communications, with the internet forecast to use a fifth of the world’s electricity by 2025. Efficiency is a priority for data centres and here, again, photonics must play a part.

This event will consider the challenges and opportunities for photonics in renewable energy and will provide an overview of relevant collaboration and funding opportunities.

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