Opportunities in Robotics & AI in Northern Ireland

KTN’s Robotics & AI Innovation Network, in collaboration with Queens University Belfast and Ulster University, will be presenting on RAI opportunities for regional growth and investment in Northern Ireland.

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10.00 - 16.00



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Northern Ireland (NI) is currently planning for significant infrastructural investment, targeted toward enabling the region to compete in the data-driven knowledge economy of the future through new open-source facilities for research and development. One example is the Belfast Region City Deal. Coupled with this, there is a drive to establish a Regional Centre for AI, building on the research expertise of both Universities. This represents a unique opportunity for NI in creating an enabling environment to increase R&D investment in the region.

During this webinar, attendees will hear from academics and industry experts on the support and opportunities available. Attendees will learn about the latest funding opportunities and related news, including forthcoming investment programmes. Alongside this, the impact of Covid-19 will also be explored.

Three KTN experts in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (RAI) and Autonomous Systems will be discussing various opportunities available in relation to these technologies. Within the context of Covid-19, we will discuss the areas that RAI will inform and shape, covering in more detail the ways in which academics and industry will be required to collaborate to support future innovative projects.

You will hear from academics from Queens University Belfast and Ulster Universities, on their advanced R&D activities.

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