Novel Low Emission Food Production Systems - Briefing Webinar

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Join us to hear about a new funding opportunity to support the development of novel food production systems that create new sources of resource efficient, low-emission foods, particularly proteins while delivering healthy and sustainable diets.

About the funding

Where does the funding come from?

Innovate UK and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), part of UK Research and Innovation, are jointly investing £16 million in this competition through their strategic partnership. This partnership will support UK businesses to engage with and benefit from the UK’s excellent research base to grow and scale innovations.

The Novel Low Emission Food Production Systems competition is part of Innovate UK’s funding support for growing the future economy, as outlined in Innovate UK’s Plan for Action.

Find out more about the Novel, low-emission food production systems competition:

Industrial research

Feasibility studies

What kind of projects are eligible?

Your project must progress emerging novel food production systems towards commercial viability and ability to supply mainstream consumer markets.

Your proposal must:

  • Have the potential to significantly shift the current state of the art in at least one of six priority areas outlined below
  • Leverage UK strengths and expertise to create new production systems and technologies

This competition is split into 2 strands:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Industrial research

The six priority areas include:

  • Plant based products or production systems
  • Acellular food production, for example, algal, bacterial or fungal fermentation systems
  • Cellular food production, for example, cell culture systems for meat production
  • Novel aquaculture systems, for example, finfish and shellfish
  • New food production systems, for example, insect farming, seaweed cultivation and other alternatives to traditional animal production systems
  • Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA) systems

About the Briefing Webinar

Who this event is for:

  • Research and Technology Organisations
  • Academics
  • Entrepreneurs

Why attend:

  • Hear about this new funding opportunity directly from the funders including Andrew McLay, Innovation Lead from Innovate UK and Sarah Neely from BBSRC. They will discuss the scope and ambitions of the competition
  • Find out how Innovate UK KTN can support you with your application and consortium building
  • Hear from people in the sector who have received funding from Innovate UK
  • Hear answers to questions about the competition and how to apply

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Novel, low-emission food production systems: feasibility studies and industrial research

Opens: 18/01/2023   Closes: 19/04/2023

Apply for a share of up to £16m to deliver resource efficient, low-emission food production systems, including alternative proteins and Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA).

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