Neurotechnology SIG Webinar Series: Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs)

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10.00 - 12.00



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This webinar is part of a 2-hour monthly webinar series hosted by the Neurotechnology Special Interest Group.

Each webinar features expert speakers and focusses on a new development in a different technology area. In the second webinar of this series, experts in the field will be discussing recent advancements in wearable BCIs. Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are devices that establish a direct communication and control channel between humans and machines. We currently type at our keyboard and move the mouse with our hands, or perhaps give an instruction to a voice assistant. These input methods are inherently slow compared to the speed of our brains and the computers we are working with. BCIs give us the ability to bypass our hands or voice and communicate with and control computers directly with our mind.

Featured speakers:
06:5037:20 – Prof Damien Coyle, Ulster University – Live demonstration of the new product FlexEEG
37:5201:04:40 – Camille Jeunet, University of Toulouse-Jean Jaurès – BCIs for Stroke Rehabilitation and Athletic Performance: Understanding human Learning to Increase their Reliability and Acceptance
01:05:0501:31:50 – Reinhold Scherer, University of Essex – Non-Invasive Brain-Computer Interfacing: Present vs. Future

The Neurotechnology Special Interest Group will help transfer knowledge from academia to the fast-growing industry sector and will provide a vital meeting place between clinicians and technologists. The aims of the SIG are to grow the neurotechnology community and accelerate innovation through cross-sector collaborations. 


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