Neurotechnology Conference

In February, Innovate UK Business Connect hosted a neurotechnology conference, with the aim of bringing together innovators in the neurotechnology field.

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09.30 - 17.00



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Recordings now available

8 session videos and the highlights reel from the conference is now available – watch above. One more recording will be added soon.

Developing Innovations in Neurotechnology

Neurotechnology can be considered as technology that interacts with the nervous system and has applications in health and beyond. This area of technology is incredibly interdisciplinary, bringing together expertise in areas such as neuroscience, bioelectronic materials, AI and diagnostics. While many innovations are developed for the health sector to diagnose and treat a range of neurological indications, there are an increasing number of technologies being developed for consumer use in areas such as wellbeing, games and the creative industries, as well as interest from the defence sectors.

Innovate UK KTN is hosting an in-person neurotechnology event, with the aim of showcasing some neurotechnology innovations that are being developed in the UK. Join us to hear directly from innovators about their own journey developing technologies that range from implants to wearables. This event aims to bring together innovators working across the sector, including but not limited to academia, industry, healthcare, manufacturing and policy.

About the event

Come along to hear about the latest innovations in neurotechnology, and network with those developing neurotechnologies. Join us for a day of knowledge sharing, connect with others in the field and find potential partners that can support your innovation journey. The agenda will include presentations, pitches and networking. Full agenda TBC.

Who is this event for?

This event is open to any individual or organisation with an interest in the application of neurotechnology such as technology developers, clinicians, investors, policy makers, manufacturers and those with a general interest in neuroscience.

Why attend?

Attending this event will give you an opportunity to learn more about progressions in the neurotechnology sector and will allow you to network and make meaningful connections with other industry professionals.


We featured an exciting line-up of speakers. Watch back to hear from industry leaders and academic experts working across a range of neurotechnology areas including biomagnetic sensing, neural digital health technologies, neural stimulation, retinal implants, quantum sensors for brain imaging and advanced manufacturing. Speakers included:

  • Dr Emil Hewage, CEO & Founder, BIOS Health
  • Jane Ollis, CEO & Founder, Mindspire
  • Neuranics
  • Prof Keith Mathieson, Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies & Professor of Neurophotonics, University of Strathclyde
  • Dr Luke Bashford, Lecturer in Neuroscience and Neurotechnology, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Anna Kowalczyk, Assistant Professor, School of Psychology, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Charlie Appleby-Mallinder, Sector Engagement Manager – Medical & Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre
  • Dr Jacques Carolan, Programme Director, Advanced Research + Innovation Agency (ARIA)

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