Mathematical Modelling for Next Generation Formulated Products: Pharmaceutical

This two-hour session will focus on the Pharmaceutical applications of the mathematical modelling of next generation formulated productsBig Idea.

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10.00 - 12.00



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KTN in collaboration with EPSRC are hosting four sessions on Mathematical Modelling for Next Generation Formulated Products.

These engagement sessions aim to develop a “Big Idea” which was proposed by PepsiCo on behalf of a group of researchers and industrialists who met at the Isaac Newton Institute in February 2020. In brief, the Big Idea was:

The drive towards rapid, smarter, greener and personalised formulation requires the development of innovative mathematical approaches which are predictive. Understanding microstructure, complex processes, perception and how these can be linked, will unlock productivity gains in formulation sector.

Three research areas were identified to enable this Big Idea:

  1. Scalable methods for heat & mass transfer and reactions in multiphase systems: developing scalable and predictive methods which model complex, multiphase systems over differing timescales; could include powder flow, emulsion stability, complex rheology and processing.
  2. Transforming Microstructure: Systematising the understanding of commercially important systems in which the microstructure transforms during processing. Develop quantitative links between inputs such as materials and process parameters and outputs in the form of final microstructure and macroscopic properties. Novel developments to multiscale methods; appropriate capture of mesoscale processes.
  3. Mathematics of Feel (Quantification of Sensory Perception): developing mathematical models that, given a product, can quantify and simulate taste, feel and dissolution/breakdown processes – matching sensory perceptions to user groups’ preferences.

We are holding four, sector specific workshops to develop the proposal, fill any gaps and ensure that the next submission to UKRI is exciting and conveys the importance of these topics. We are particularly interested to receive expressions of interest to attend from industrialists, mathematical scientists and researchers in related fields.

There are different, sector specific sessions being held. Please ensure you register your interest for the one of most relevance to you. Please note, these sessions have limited capacity and we will be selecting participants on the following criteria;

  • Prioritising early registrants
  • Ensuring good diversity of disciplines



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