Manufacturing Made Smarter with Quantum

This event presented examples of the application and implementation of quantum technology in the manufacturing and infrastructure industry. We brought the manufacturing and the quantum communities together and explore how both sectors can collaborate.

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10.00 - 12.30



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From 2021 to 2025, KTN will be working on behalf of UKRI to join communities together to transform UK manufacturing. The £300 million partnership between government and industry is aiming to create a fully connected, dynamic manufacturing ecosystem inspiring innovation across academia, technology providers and manufacturers. Made Smarter Innovation is delivered by UK Research and Innovation.

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About Event

This event will showcase the existing capabilities in quantum technology from computing, communication, imaging and sensing. We will discuss how businesses and research entities are working collaboratively to enable quantum technologies and address current industrial and manufacturing challenges.

We will also speak about quantum applications in telecommunications, the Internet of Things (IoT), infrastructure, maintenance, scheduling, automotive, drug and material discovery as well as a variety of other sectors.


10:00-10:05 Welcome: Dr. Najwa Sidqi, Knowledge Transfer Manager – Quantum technologies, KTN

10:05-10:25 Benefits of quantum to manufacturing discussion. We will be joined by:

  • Murray Thom, D-wave Systems
  • Imran Haq, Pistoia Alliance
  • Esperanza Cuenca-Gomez, Quantum Strategy Institute

10:25-10:45 Overview of the use cases of quantum in manufacturing. We will be joined by:

  • Ellen Devereux, Fujitsu
  • David Armstrong, Fraunhofer CAP

10:45-11:05 Quantum technology developers pitches. The following specialists will be presenting:

  • Mirella Koleva, Quantopticon
  • Ramy Shelbaya, Quantum Dice
  • Christopher Payne-Dwyer, QuantIC
  • Nick Pappas, Hartree Data Centre

11:05-11:30 Q&A session

11:30-12:30 Speakers and business networking session with a selection of individuals from companies including Dwave Systems, Fraunhofer CAP, Fujitsu, Hartree Data Centre, Quantopticon, Quantum Dice, QuantIC, Pistoia Alliance and KTN are ready to have a conversation.

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Made Smarter Innovation Network

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