Made Smarter Innovation: The Future of Digital Manufacturing

The pace of digitalisation of the UK’s manufacturing sector has lagged behind other nations, which is in part due to a lack of visionary thinking. Across the Made Smarter Innovation programme we are horizon scanning now to understand what the future will look like and how we can prepare for and create the new digital innovations of the future.

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12.00 - 13.30



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In this webinar we will hear from Daniel Robinson, ESRC Made Smarter Innovation Senior Manager, on what they are doing to utilise the skills of academic communities, facilitate the innovations of the future and how YOU can get involved.

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Daniel will introduce the ESRC community embracing social sciences to address the challenges, and the 5 contracted EPSRC research centres mapped across these core research areas;

  • Connected Factories
  • Digital Medicines Manufacturing
  • Materials Made Smarter
  • People-Led Digitalisation
  • Smart Collaborative Industrial Robots

Prof Jan Godsell, Dean of School of Business and Economics and Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy at Loughborough University will then explain how they are building a productive, resilient, and sustainable manufacturing ecosystem: Time to Interact.  Jan will present evidence-based scenarios for the future manufacturing ecosystem in 2035 and explore the necessity of an interdisciplinary approach in creating a ‘flourishing world’. The role of the NEW InterAct network, pioneering the human insights required to support this transformation will also be presented for the first time.

About the Series | Who should attend?

If you are a manufacturer aspiring to be more productive, efficient, competitive and resilient through the use of digital technologies, an integrator or a digital technology solution provider or developer who wants to reach a manufacturing audience, hear from others who have been on the journey or find out about funding opportunities, then this event series will be of interest to you.

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Made Smarter Innovation Network

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