Made Smarter Innovation CR&D Briefing Webinar

Online full briefing of scope, eligibility, application and appraisal processes. Opportunity to raise any questions.

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10.00 - 12.30



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Recording now available

Slides from the event are also available:
IFS Applicant Briefing part 1
IFS Applicant Briefing part 2

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The Industry Ready Robotics and Automation funding call from the Made Smarter Innovation programme aims to develop industrially ready solutions deployable within manufacturing production environments.

The funding launched on 18th January 2023 with a funding pot up to £6m. Click here to find out more about the available funding. Closing date: 5th April 2023.

This funding call will focus on driving industrially ready robotic solutions for deployment within all types of manufacturing factory settings. Aimed at late-stage higher Technology Readiness Level (TRL) developments, projects will be able to run for  up to 12 months and culminate in trials within a production environment. Projects must be an innovative development or novel application of robotics and automation that overcomes a technical  barrier.

Robotics is one of the key Industrial Digital Technologies (IDTs) that will help grow UK manufacturing productivity. The scope of this call will span both hardware solutions such as fixed or mobile robots, as well as software innovations to improve system integration.

Improving the flexibility, agility and future re-deployment opportunities will be a key innovation theme, with project applications encouraged in topics such as modularity, no-code programming, and optimised gripper design. Development of innovative solutions to maximise the potential of collaborative robots (co-bots) as well as to improve the safety of Human Machine Interface (HMI) will also be within the scope of the call.

Applications will need to demonstrate clear post-project scalability and routes to commercialisation of the solution beyond the initial deployment. It is envisaged that projects of up to £4m will be eligible to apply, with collaborations comprising multiple manufacturers and technology developers encouraged.

The call launched on 18th January 2023 with chosen projects required to commence October 2023. Call details are available on on the MSI webpages: Made smarter innovation challenge – UKRI and Building collaborative UK R&D partnerships – Made Smarter

Following the competition launch we are hosting two collaboration events in the following locations to provide networking and collaboration opportunities.

Made Smarter Collaborative Research & Development Fund Competition and Consortium Building Events

Made Smarter Innovation CR&D Briefing Webinar | 18 Jan 2023

Consortium Building Event: National Robotarium, Edinburgh | 30 Jan 2023

Consortium Building Event: Manufacturing Technology Centre | 09 Feb 2023


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