Local Industrial Decarbonisation Plans – Collaboration Building Workshops

Watch our three collaboration building workshops to find out more about the £5million Local Industrial Decarbonisation Plans competition, due to launch in June 2023.

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Recordings now available

Workshop recordings from 25th April, 8th May and 18th May


There is growing awareness of the role industry must play in supporting the UK to reach Net Zero emissions by 2050. Dispersed sites account for around half of all UK industrial emissions, and therefore play a pivotal role in achieving these ambitions. To support dispersed industrial sites in developing strategic plans to decarbonised and prepare for the green industrial transition and a low carbon future, the Government has recently announced that a £5m Local Industrial Decarbonisation Plans (LIDP) competition will begin this summer.

Who should watch these recordings?

Industrial businesses and manufacturers at dispersed sites around the UK looking to collaboratively reduce emissions and start the journey towards a low-carbon future, will find these recordings useful. We also welcome local industrial clusters who may already be working together to reduce carbon emissions and need support to develop their plans. Other key stakeholders, such as local authorities, not for profits and academics, who are looking to form collaborative local cluster project teams are also welcome. 

Why watch?

The £5 million LIDP competition will support dispersed industrial sites and other public, private and third sector stakeholders to form a cluster and develop strategic plans that plot a route to decarbonising industry in their area.

These workshops aim to provide opportunities for organisations to form collaborations to establish local clusters, initiate discussions on place-based decarbonisation, explore current thinking and support the development of industrial decarbonisation plans. They will provide potential applicants with an understanding of the funding available and the eligibility criteria, timelines and how to apply.

The workshops will help potential applicants find partners, and offer a platform to gather knowledge and expertise from technical experts.

About the event


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • The Funding Opportunity – Local Industrial Decarbonisation Plans
  • Guidance and Support – Technical Experts
  • Local Cluster Development Opportunities
  • Collaborating & Networking – Facilitated Regional Breakout Rooms
  • Group Feedback
  • Timelines and Next Steps
  • Closing Remarks

About the competition

UK manufacturing industries from across a range of sectors, including metals and minerals, chemicals, food and drink, paper and pulp, ceramics, glass, oil refineries and less energy intensive manufacturing, combine high end technology and highly skilled workers to make products that are traded all over the world. Without the UK manufacturing industry, there would be no cars, no medicines, no food, or the packaging it goes in. But industrial businesses also emitted 78 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2019. About half of these emissions are concentrated in the UK’s largest industrial clusters by carbon dioxide emissions. These are: Humberside, Teesside, Grangemouth, the North West, South Wales, Southampton and Black Country. The other half of industrial emissions are produced by dispersed industrial sites i.e., all industrial sites not within one of the UK’s largest industrial clusters.

The Local Industrial Decarbonisation Plans (LIDP) competition is being designed to provide emissions reduction support for industrial manufacturers not located within the UK’s existing industrial clusters. Local collaborative project teams from across the UK will be able to apply for part of the £5million funding, which will focus on the advancement of place-based industrial decarbonisation plans. It will also focus on upskilling their capabilities ahead of introducing low-emission technologies. The competition represents a step forward in helping dispersed industrial sites to begin their journey to decarbonise in the 2020s, which was one of the key commitments the government set out in the Net Zero Strategy.

This competition is expected to open in June 2023.

Click here to watch our recorded briefing from 13th April.


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