KTN’s Defence Innovation Exchange Programme Launch Webinar

Join KTN’s Defence Innovation Exchange Launch Webinar to find out more about the benefits of the Innovation Exchange programme in the defence sector and how KTN can help you find innovative solutions to your immediate technical challenges that your traditional supply chain can’t solve.

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12.30 - 14.00



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KTN would like to invite you to a short webinar launching KTN’s Defence Innovation Exchange Programme.

KTN’s Innovation Exchange Programme helps organisations search for game-changing solutions to challenges and bring them to market faster. KTN’s Innovation Exchange breaks sectorial barriers giving access to high TRL and market-ready solutions from outside traditional networks.

Webinar recording is now available


Leveraging expertise across our diverse network, KTN promotes innovation transfer, matching real industry challenges from large businesses, to companies and innovators already working on the solutions. Our unique cross-sector approach taps into the power of collaboration providing technical solutions from other sectors.

Over the past 4-years, KTN’s Innovation Exchange Programme has proven it is a highly successful programme in the energy and infrastructure sectors and is now being expanded into the defence sector.

Our armed forces are now operating in a rapidly changing world, where threats from adversaries continue to evolve. There is a need to modernise by investing in new and innovative technologies to deliver rapid capability development, whilst also considering sustainability and the Net Zero agenda.

Innovation Exchange Benefits

  • Helps build a case for UK content in supply chains
  • Quick and simple exposure to solutions from non-traditional defence companies
  • Cross-sector innovation allows shorter lead times due to higher TRL levels and is often proven technology
  • Time-efficient with resources provided by KTN
  • Optional disclosure – can be confidential if required
  • Has also been successfully demonstrated with international partners

KTN Network

  • Over 46,000 unique organisations of which around 87% are SMEs
  • Over 234,000 innovators
  • Every University in the UK
  • 140+ KTN staff with wide-ranging sector and technology-specific knowledge


  • Welcome from KTN’s Defence and Security Board Co-Chair – Darin Tudor | NDI
  • Opening remarks – Richard Nugee | Non-Executive Director for Climate Change in Defence, Chair of the NAAFI Board
  • Introduction to KTN
  • Overview of the KTN’s Innovation Exchange Programme
  • Defence Industry user perspective
  • SME applicant perspective
  • Cost of participating in KTN’s Innovation Exchange Programme
  • Q&A Session

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Due to a limited number of places available at the event, an Expression of Interest registration system will be used.

Please complete the registration process, and then you will be contacted in due course if you have been allocated a place at the event.

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