ISP54 – Sensing Technologies for Emerging Blue Economy

This one-day networking workshop will bring together relevant cross-sectorial communities to promote and accelerate innovations of sensing technologies in the blue economy areas in the UK.

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09.30 - 16.15



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The blue economy describes the economic activities associated with the oceans and seas, such as marine fishery industry, seaweeds economy, marine shipping, offshore energy, mining, and other marine resources industries. Following the intensified and extensive onshore economic development, human economic activities are now increasingly expanding into the global oceans. The massive oceans covering 70% of the earth surfaces and its natural resources deposits are still largely under-explored.

The blue economy is increasingly becoming the last frontier for future economic development of human society. The blue economy is currently estimated to be worth over $1.5 trillion per year globally, provides over 30 million jobs, and provide vital sources of protein to over three billion people globally.

Global oceans also play a vital role in regulating the climate of the world. Therefore, the emerging blue economy also plays a very important role for developing sustainable future economy for human society, and hence provide new opportunities for a variety of industries including the sensing technology industry.

About the event

The 54th Intelligent Sensing Programme (ISP54 –Sensing Technologies for Emerging Blue Economy) event is an open, one-day networking workshop, aiming to bring together relevant cross-sectorial communities (e.g. marine sensors communities and other blue economy related industries, innovators, end-users and other stakeholders) to share knowledge, networking, and partnership development, to stimulate new idea generation, develop new partnerships, and help promote and accelerate innovative developments of sensing technologies in blue economy area in the UK.

In this event, we have invited key technology experts from industries, researchers, and innovators to give talks and share their expertise & opinions on subjects relating to the following thematic topics (event agenda will be published once all speakers are finalised in the near future):

  • blue economy market, needs, and opportunities for sensing technologies
  • state of the art sensing technologies for the blue economy
  • emerging and novel sensing technologies for the blue economy
  • relevant innovation funding opportunities in the UK

The workshop also combines networking sessions in between presentations and limited exhibition places to enable interested organisations to showcase their relevant technologies or services at the event.


09:30 – Arrival & Registration
10:00 –  Welcome
10:05 –  Introduction of Innovate UK KTN
Market, Challenges and Needs Session
10:15 – Blue Economy – an emerging market and challenges and opportunities for sensors (aquaculture, offshore renewables, blue natural assets (inc blue carbon) etc. – Jonathan Turner, NLA International
10:45 –  Seaweeds culture – an emerging opportunity for novel sensors?
11:15 – Tea and Coffee break and networking
State of Art Technologies Session
11:45 –  Total carbon monitoring – a marine sensing technology – John Attridge, Chelsea Technology Groups?
12:15 –  Oil in water sensing technology for offshore oil production – Daniel McStay, Inov8 Systems Limited
12:45 – Using MS technologies for marine sensing applications – Jeyan Sreekuma, Hexsor Sentific
13:15 -14:15 – Lunch Break and Networking
Novel and Emerging Technologies Session
14:15 –  Offshore Power Turbine Health Monitoring? – Ben George, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult
14:45 – Fish disease monitoring in aquaculture
15:15 – Microfluidic sensing technologies for marine environment monitoring? – Allison Schaap, NOC
Business Innovation Funding Opportunities in UK Session
15:45 – (UK’s Business Innovation Landscape & Funding opportunities)
16:15 – Networking & Close


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