ISP51 - Sensing in Energy System: State of the Art Sensing Technologies

Three industry companies will present their state of the art sensing technologies in power generation, distribution or consumptions, followed by a panel discussion and a pitch session.

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Energy is the basic power for industry development, economy and modern life. Massive production and consumption of energy in the form of fossil fuels have produced a serious impact on the climate our lives are depending upon. Therefore, urgent actions are needed to address issues such as renewable energy and sustainable development, to reduce industrial and domestic emissions and neutralise greenhouse gas emissions.

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To achieve such objectives, numerous initiatives have been launched over recent years, such as Net-Zero and green energy generation. There are also efforts in developing smart energy systems and smart grids to further improve energy production and distribution efficiencies, and drastically improve consumption efficiency.

Sensing technology is the key technology that provides the process critical information in energy production, distribution and consumption, which is essential to enable implementation of such initiatives and to develop such smart energy systems.

During our 51st Intelligent Sensing Program – Sensing in Energy Systems event, we will bring together the sensors and energy communities, end-users, innovators and other relevant stakeholders, to network and share knowledge. All with the aim to generate new ideas and develop partnerships that will help the UK sensors and energy industries and innovators to collaborate and develop business innovations.

The focus of the event, taking place over three webinars, will be on the market challenges and opportunities, state of the art sensing technologies, and emerging sensing technologies relevant to energy production, distributions and consumptions.

In each webinar, industry experts and innovators will give talks on specific topical subjects, followed by a session panel discussion. There will also be an opportunity for technology companies to take part in a pitching session – more information will be provided once registered.

Collaboration Platform

Our online networking tool, Meeting Mojo, will be available to all attendees at the end of each webinar to engage, discuss collaborative opportunities and arrange 1:1 virtual meetings with other delegates and the speakers.

Meeting Mojo provides powerful networking through online messaging and 1:1 virtual meetings. You will be able to use this to upload your profile, search other users’ profiles and book video chat meetings via the platform.

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