Industrial Gases to Chemicals (IG2C) - Defossilising the chemicals sector

On 11 January 2024 Innovate UK Circular Economy Innovation Network held a webinar on Industrial Gases to Chemicals (IG2C).

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09.30 - 12.30



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About the event

Industrial emissions, primarily carbon dioxide, significantly impact the climate crisis. To address this, utilising captured industrial waste gases as an alternative feedstock for chemical manufacturing is crucial. This approach not only satisfies the demand for carbon but also substantially reduces scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions throughout the supply chain.

In March 2023, the Action Plan for Transforming Industrial Waste Gases (CO/CO2) to Chemicals – a document published with a collaborative effort from the community – was launched to propel innovation in this critical domain. Now, we are reuniting the community to explore insights from Industrial Clusters, Experts, and Projects concerning the significance of carbon capture and utilisation in the UK.

Attendees were able to engage, network, and delve into the latest advancements and projects utilising industrial waste gases. They also asked questions on Industrial Clusters (experts and projects) about the views of CCU and identified collaboration opportunities.

We strongly recommend anyone innovating in waste gases to Chemicals (SMEs, large industry & businesses, processors and commercial users) as well as investors, policy makers and academics to watch this recording.

Agenda overview

  • 09:30 Welcome and Innovate UK Circular Economy Innovation Network introduction.  (Michael Burnett, Innovate UK KTN)
  • 09:35 Industrial Gases to Chemicals (IG2C) Action Plan Overview and Update. (Michael Burnett, Innovate UK KTN / Marie Godward, Innovate UK KTN)
  • 09:50 Cluster & Regional Activities, Policy, Economics & Innovation:
    • South Wales Industrial Cluster  (Andrew Price, Consultant, CR Plus / Prof. Alan Guwy, Sustainable Environment Research Centre (SERC) / Peter Martin, Technical Manager, Vale)
    • Meld Energy (Adrian Lloyd, technical director / Jennifer Powers, Stakeholder Relations, Policy and Communications)
    • The Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC) (Prof. Mercedes Maroto-Valer, IDRIC Director / Dr. John Ferrier, Policy Research Officer)
    • KPMG (Tommy Isaac, Associate Director)
    • Flue2Chem Project Update (David Bott, Chief Innovation Officer, SCI)
    • Eutechtics (Armando Leal, Co-founder and Managing Director)
  • 11:10 Q&A
  • 11:35 Breakout and networking sessions
  • 11:50 Break
  • 12:05 Breakout and networking sessions (continued)
  • 12:20 IG2C Next steps and webinar close

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