Industrial Energy Transformation Fund Competition Briefing

Join BEIS, Innovate UK and KTN to find out more about the £40m Industrial Energy Transformation Fund spring window and hear from some of the projects funded in Phase 1.

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10.00 - 12.45



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Join the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Innovate UK and KTN, for details of the spring window of funding from the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) and to showcase some of the projects funded in Phase 1 of the IETF.

Webcast recording is now available


The funding for England, Wales and Northern Ireland is worth up to £40m. It will be available in the form of a grant scheme and will fund:

  • Deployment of mature energy efficiency technologies that improve industrial process energy efficiency and reduce energy demand.
  • Feasibility and engineering studies for projects deploying mature energy efficiency technologies or deep decarbonisation technologies. These technical and economic assessments of potential projects reduce risks and provide more accurate cost estimates, enabling decision-makers to make informed investment choices.

The event will include an opportunity to:

  • Hear about the scope of the competitions in more detail
  • Hear from industrial site owners who were funded in Phase 1
  • Network online and develop partnerships for the competitions
  • Speak with BEIS and Innovate UK online for a 1:1 discussion about your project ideas

The event will benefit a number of organisations and professionals including:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Data centres
  • Energy efficiency and decarbonisation innovators and professionals

The IETF will support businesses with high energy use to transition to a low carbon future, and to cut their bills and emissions through increased energy efficiency. It is a crucial part of the Government’s strategy for tackling climate change and reaching Net Zero by 2050. It will complement other Government programmes that offer innovation and early demonstration support, such as the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) and the Energy Innovation Programme (EIP) and will help to transform an important part of the UK economy.

To support this competition KTN is running the Virtual Technology Marketplace which offers industrial site owners (eligible manufacturers and data centres) the chance to browse videos showcasing the potential technology that can reduce the energy demand and emissions associated with their industrial process.

If you are an industrial site owner, by signing up for the Technology Marketplace you will be able to see videos pre-screened to ensure only technologies eligible for the IETF competition are featured.  Covering both energy efficiency and decarbonisation technology areas, they will give manufacturers and data centre owners ideas and contacts for technologies that could be deployed on their industrial sites in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

The Technology Marketplace will remain open until 14th July when the competition closes.

This is not a public platform so to access it, manufacturers and data centre owners must register here.

Collaboration Platform: To help potential applicants to find suitable partners for the competition, KTN has launched the IETF networking platform. There are currently over 130 individuals on the platform with a variety of skills and expertise. This tool can be used to discuss project opportunities and facilitate introductions between organisations interested in the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund. It provides powerful networking through online messaging and 1:1 virtual meetings. You will be able to use this to upload your profile, search other users’ profiles and book video chat meetings via the platform.


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