#IdeasMeanBusiness: How to go from lightbulb moment to business launch

The purpose of this webinar is to share with you some extremely practical techniques you can use to test your business ideas, without breaking the bank, so you can decide whether such ideas are worth pursuing or parking for now.

This webinar could save you thousands of hours, millions of £££ and bucket loads of wasted energy. Your future self will thank you for attending.

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14.00 - 15.00



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One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is they spend too much time and money building a product or service that nobody wants.

Webinar recording and slides are now available

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What you want to be doing instead is turning your ideas into reality as quickly as possible. That means you can get customers genuine feedback and know whether you are actually on to something or not – better still you want to test demand before you even build anything at all.

Do you have a business idea that you want to take to the next level? Just having a great idea doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. We know that there are many challenges that can get in the way of new business ideas.

Half of young people in the UK think their age is a barrier to business success with nearly a third lacking the confidence they need to turn their idea into a reality.

The #IdeasMeanBusiness webinar series has been designed to provide practical advice, expert knowledge and tools for young people. It aims to enable entrepreneurship and innovation among more young people to help them bring more diverse ideas and businesses into the economy.

If you want to learn from experts, build your skills, gain confidence, and develop networks to help you grow and succeed, join us as we take you on a journey to develop your ideas.

The series will explore topics ranging from marketing through to business plans, personal branding, intellectual property and much more. You can register below for one or more of our upcoming events.



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