Safety Tech 101: How to protect your devices and networks (User-Initiated Protection & Network Filtering)

This session from the Safety Tech Innovation Network, delivered by KTN, will explore how user, parental or device-based products that can be installed on devices to help protect the user from online harm.

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15.00 - 16.00



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Join us for a deep dive into the technologies used “at device and endpoint level”. This event will touch on user, parental or device-based products that can be installed on devices to help protect the user from harm, and share an overview of products and services that actively filter content, through black-listing or blocking content perceived to be harmful.

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About the Safety Tech 101 webinar series

Safety Tech is a fast-moving environment, with respect to the harms, risks and technologies in scope. Every day, the organisations involved are developing novel approaches to identify and counter risks before users are harmed. Therefore, the taxonomies highlighted in DCMS’ Safety Tech report are intended to reflect an overview of the current products and services offered by Safety Tech companies.

The Safety Tech 101 series has been designed to provide our audiences with a deep dive into each of these categories, explaining further the innovative products and services that help businesses better protect their online users from harm.

Each event is delivered by leading industry experts who will share real life examples of their technologies at each level of Safety Tech.

These are must-attend events for anyone looking to learn more about the Safety Tech sector and what technologies are used to protect users online.

Who delivers the network?

The Safety Tech Innovation Network is funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and Nominet, and delivered by KTN.

The network is independent and impartial, supported by public and private sector advisors who provide expert feedback from industry, academics and government identifying their priorities and advising on future areas of focus.

Safety Tech 101 Sessions


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