Future Technology Glimpse - Future Semiconductors

Throughout 2024 Innovate UK’s Horizon Scanning team is running a series of future-looking, online sessions on various sub-topics and technologies related to the UK’s critical technologies and beyond. This deeper dive, technology focused event, brought together expert industry and academic speakers to give their views over a medium-long term (15-20 year) timeframe. The event was not recorded.

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10.00 - 12.00



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Innovate UK has a unique position as a connector and convener between research, industry and government. We have the experience to collate, understand, and share the information needed to identify emerging technologies at an early stage. We constantly survey the horizon for new and emerging technologies and respond intelligently and in an agile way to what we see and hear, in the UK and internationally. This includes bringing together the best possible insights and wisdom from across the UK.

What to expect

Following a welcome address by one of Innovate UK’s senior leadership team, delegates will hear from expert speakers across themes essential to successful horizon scanning.
Innovate UK’s Futurist, Jonathan Mitchener, then pulls the insight together into a future view of the topic. Delegates are then invited to join facilitated breakout groups to comment on their views, hopes, concerns and expectations, given background and experience.
Following the event a summary of the discussions and debate are provided to delegates.
For innovate UK and its partners across UKRI and Government we use the outputs to inform strategy and other areas of our activity.

About the event

On Tuesday 30th Jan, 115 delegates joined Innovate UK to explore neuromorphic computing. Following a welcome address from Indro Mukerjee, CEO, Innovate UK delegates were given a glimpse into the future of neuromorphic computing from business and academic leaders – Prof Tony Kenyon, Professor of Nanoelectronic & Nanophotonic Materials, University College London, Shamit Shrivastava, CEO & Co-Founder, Apoha, and Andrew Mallinson, Senior Research Scientist, Intel.

Delegates then took part in a vibrant and engaging workshop, deep diving technological advances, opportunities for the UK and importantly work to be done across neuromorphic computing. Innovate UK is now working on next steps to build the community, network and support for cross-disciplinary collaboration.

The next session will focus on Future Semiconductors. This is an exciting area of technology for which demand is ever-increasing, for quantities, capabilities and performance from burgeoning vertical applications and sectors. This session will look beyond the UK strategy on Semiconductors to where this can go in the longer term.

Innovate UK will announce future events in this series shortly. Please email any Feedback or suggestions for future horizon scanning events to HorizonScanning@iuk.ukri.org.


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