Future Flight Fridays: Public Trust in Future Flight

KTN’s new webinar series for any industry sector interested in the Future Flight Challenge.

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‘Public Acceptance’ can be a challenging theme for Future Flight consortia to approach. Hear from Professor Edmond Awad on the ‘Moral Machine’, Professor Susan Molyneux-Hodgson discussing responsible innovation and technical democracy and Professor Sarah Hartley on moving from public acceptance to knowledge co-production.

Webinar recording is now available

Find the slides here.


This session will focus on:
  • What ‘public acceptance’ means, and key challenges consortia face around public trust and acceptance of new technologies in the context of the Future of Flight
  • Research areas and approaches to understanding barriers of public trust and acceptance of future of flight challenge proposals
  • Potential Tools for public engagement and data collection, drawing a picture on the public perception of ethical implications, trust, and responsibility
  • Areas such as the Ethics of Technology; Responsible Innovation; Interdisciplinary collaboration; Public Engagement and Computational Social Science

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