Exploring AI Business Opportunities in Manufacturing

Join us for a series of three exclusive webinars to explore AI business opportunities in the dynamic world of manufacturing.

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About the events

Are you an AI provider or AI technologist curious about untapped possibilities of implementing your AI in manufacturing? Join us to embark on a journey with our exclusive webinar series, designed to explore the lucrative opportunities for your AI business in the dynamic world of manufacturing.

Who should attend?

AI developers, AI technologists, AI companies interested in learning about the opportunities that exist for AI technology in the manufacturing sector.

Event series

  • About the event

    21 March 2024 (recording available above)

    In our first webinar, explore how your AI solutions can play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable manufacturing future. From reducing industrial emissions to fostering eco-friendly practices, discover the potential manufacturing market for innovative AI products.

    • 10:30 – Welcome and Introduction – Becky Bolton, Innovate UK Business Connect
    • 10:40 – Faradai – Sahin Caglayan, CEO
    • 10:55 – Intellegens – Tom Whitehead, Head of Machine Learning
    • 11:10 – Domin – Parvez Alam Kazi, Head of Digital
    • 11:20 – Batch.Works – Julien Vaissieres, CEO
    • 11:30 – Panel Discussion with Audience Q&ampA – Becky Bolton, Sahin Caglayan, Tom Whitehead, Parvez Alam Kazi, Julien Vaissieres
    • 11:55 – Wrap Up – Becky Bolton, Innovate UK Business Connect
  • About the event

    18 April 2024, 10:30 – 12:00
    (recording available above)

    Join us for an exploration of how AI can supercharge productivity in manufacturing. In this second instalment, AI providers and AI technologists will discover the transformative potential of AI solutions in enhancing efficiency and driving unparalleled productivity gains in manufacturing.

    • 10:30 – Welcome and Introduction – Becky Bolton, Innovate UK Business Connect
    • 10:40 – Turation – Alina Ivanova, CPO & Co-Founder
    • 10:55 – Arcflow – Matt Scott, Co-Founder
    • 11:10 – AWS – Dimitrios Spiliopoulos, Industrial IoT GTM Lead for Manufacturing & Supply Chain
    • 11:25 – NGF Europe – Peter Lai, Continuous Improvement & 4th Industrial Revolution Manager
    • 11:35 – Panel Discussion with Audience Q&A – Becky Bolton, Alina Ivanova, Sam Burditt (Arcflow, Co-Founder), Dimitrios Spiliopoulos, Peter Lai
    • 11:55 – Wrap-up – Becky Bolton, Innovate UK Business Connect
  • About the event

    21 May 2024, 10:30 – 12:00

    In the final instalment of our series, we explore how AI can fortify manufacturing operations, making them more resilient in the face of challenges. Learn how your development of AI solutions will be pivotal in creating adaptable, robust manufacturing systems that can withstand disruptions and uncertainties.

    • 10:30 – Welcome and Introduction – Lorelei Gherman, Innovate UK Business Connect
    • 10:40 – Google Cloud – Kiran Srirama, Chief Architect & Field CTO
    • 10:50 – Kavida AI – Sumit Sinha, Founder & CTO
    • 11:00 – Dell Technologies – Niamh Mullen, Systems Engineer
    • 11:10 – Ada Mode – Jack Lewis, Co-founder
    • 11:20 – Panel Discussion with Audience Q&A – Lorelei Gherman, Sumit Sinha, Niamh Mullen, Jack Lewis
    • 11:55 – Wrap-up – Lorelei Gherman, Innovate UK Business Connect

Please follow the registration link to select the webinars you wish to attend.

It is recommended to attend or watch all three: you can watch the recordings from the 21 March and 18 April events above.

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