Eureka Programme Support & Partner Brokerage Event

This event aims to provide UK innovative companies with information on funding opportunities within United Kingdom Eureka Network and support the building of international consortia through project idea pitching to broker partnerships.

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13.30 - 16.00 GMT



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Eureka is an intergovernmental network connecting 47 countries through a joint platform for international cooperation in innovation. Organisations and companies applying to a Eureka programme can access funding and support from national and regional ministries or agencies for their international R&D projects.

This online support and brokerage webinar aims to inform UK innovative companies that are considering applying for an upcoming Eureka Network opportunity about the funding opportunities within Eureka supported by the UK. This event also will support the building of international consortia through pitching of project ideas to broker partnerships.

Why should I attend?

This event will help you to find partners to form international collaborations and strategic partnerships. The key focus of the event will be to provide hands-on advice to give you the final boost and get you ready for submission to the upcoming Eureka calls. To access this there is a B2Match online platform which is available to those interested in applying for a Eureka Eurostars call. Attending this event has the following benefits:

  • Providing an opportunity for UK businesses to start thinking about which Eureka programmes are relevant to them and start planning to build a consortium for the next round of submissions.
  • Meeting experts in breakout rooms with organisations already working on project ideas and to present a pitch about your project idea or your capability offering.
  • Speaking with the UK Eureka Programme Management Team will also be available for small group discussions to answer any specific or more confidential questions. We will also have the Eureka Programme Managers from other European countries, France among them.

Upcoming Eureka funding opportunities

This online event (which is open to delegates from the UK and beyond) will focus on the funding opportunities within Eureka supported by the UK which include:

Eurostars – Eureka’s flagship SME funding programme that supports organisations including R&D SMEs by leading international project consortia in any technology area. View the Eurostars call for innovation projects which closes on 14 March 2024.

Eureka Clusters – Eureka’s long-term, strategically significant industrial initiatives that aim to meet market needs and solve economic, technological, and societal challenges. They are industry-led international communities focused on strategic technology areas including:

  • Next-generation communications including CELTI-NEXT.
  • Low-carbon energy including Eurogia.
  • Software innovation including ITEA4.
  • Advanced manufacturing & production including Smart Eureka.
  • Electronic components and systems including Eureka Xecs.

How to submit a pitch

Once you have registered you will be emailed instructions on how to submit your pitch. A slide template will be provided for you to submit details of the challenge/innovation of your interest and how you expect to approach it, your capability offering, information on the partners you require and your contact details.

In preparation, it would be worthwhile familiarising yourself with the general information on the Eureka Network. If you still need support with other questions the UK Eureka Programme Management Team are available to answer your questions.


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