Diversity, inclusion and fairness in safety tech

Safety Tech Innovation Network workshop, led by an expert panel, and discuss how issues of diversity, inclusion and fairness relate to our work on safety tech.

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11.00 - 12.00



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In this online seminar we’ll discuss how issues of diversity, inclusion and fairness relate to our work on safety tech, and consider how we might best embed these values across the sector. These issues include:

  • Diversity of staffing: how can we use HR processes to ensure that staffing within our companies sufficiently reflects the users we try to serve;
  • Diversity of users: how can we ensure that user research captures the needs of all users – in particular the most vulnerable;
  • Addressing data bias: how can we detect and address potential issues of bias in the datasets used to train AI solutions, and ensure that decisions made on the basis of AI are explainable?

Webinar recording is now available


Introducing our expert panellists

We’ll kick off our discussion by hearing from the following brilliant panellists:

  • SafeToNet | Hear how UK #SafetyTech company SafeToNet have delivered real change by reflecting diversity and inclusion throughout their business, including into hiring, user research and use of AI
  • Lily Dart | As Experience Director of Futuregov, Lily Dart has developed inclusive ways of working, hiring practices and design approaches to increase the diversity of teams and maintain an effective and scalable culture
  • Dr Erin Young | Erin’s research at the Turing Institute examines the gendered practices that shape, deploy and govern AI systems and their applications

We’ll then open the floor to a plenary discussion, where attendees will have the opportunity to question panellists and share their own experiences.

By the end of the session we’ll develop a rough proposal for how we might develop ideas and proposals for action further.


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