Digital Modernisation of Textiles and Fashion July 2023

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The UK is still the biggest market for fashion in Europe and holds a substantial textiles industry, though skills were lost when much of the industry was offshored.

Technology in the form of AI and robotics can help to shift the balance back in favour of UK production. We can learn from other industries how technology can shorten supply chains and improve efficiency. To progress in this area we need to have all the potential stakeholders on side from the Big Brands and the retailers to industry and academia and beyond to the start-ups and SMEs pushing the boundaries in new ideas.

Innovate UK and Innovate UK KTN are keen to explore with the community what is currently being done to adopt technology in the industry, what the challenges are that are being addressed through this approach and what other industries using technology in their manufacturing processes could offer as examples.

The webinar is a follow up to the textiles and fashion showcase event that took place on Thursday 9th February 2023. It will include an introduction to the project behind it, several appropriate and focussed presentations on potential digital technologies relevant to textiles and fashion as well as industrial experience of their potential use. It will include a Q&A session looking to add to the outputs from the showcase event including the challenges identified and the potential digital solutions. Those outputs from the showcase event will be shared after the Q&A. There will be a Meeting Mojo available on the day with a view to participants identifying potential collaborations. Please click here to see the network funding page.

Who should attend?

Fashion designers, technology providers, textiles manufacturers, retailers and brand owners. Hear about the latest relevant digital technologies, learn of company experiences as well as shape Government policy and funding.

Why should they attend?

To share understanding of challenges facing the textiles and fashion industry and the potential for digital technologies to offer solutions. In addition the opportunity to network with other interested parties active in the space.

Any key dates for competition

No specific competition at present but Innovate UK is currently funding circular fashion and has funded two rounds, one a recycling and sorting demonstrator and the other a network to support activities circularity of fashion.


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