Developing a Digital DRS Solution Workshop

Welsh Government and KTN are partnered in this workshop by the newly formed Digital DRS Industry Working Group, which is an informal grouping of sectoral interests working to ensure better understanding of the potential function of digital DRS in the emerging system development.

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09.00 - 13.00



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The aim of this event is to bring together all the key players in the value chain, such as drink container manufacturers, drink manufacturers, retailers, local authorities and other waste handlers and re-processors, along with digital DRS technology providers and innovations, to work through where solutions currently exist and to define the barriers and challenges that need to be overcome in order to deliver this scheme successfully. The session will comprise of two parts, firstly scene setting followed by breakout groups to develop the next steps collaboratively.

How can technical innovation support the implementation of a drink container deposit return scheme so that it complements rather than disrupts Wales’s existing and successful recycling culture and infrastructure?
  • How could this be rolled out across the UK? The UK must adopt a cost effective DRS solution which results in higher recycling levels of target material, reduction in the littering of target materials and increased quality levels of collected materials. Whilst building on the progress Wales has made on recycling and ensuring the system is easy to use for consumers, householders as well as other players in the value chain.

We are aware that there are already systems offering DRS globally however we are keen to explore where new innovations lie within UK industry that would enhance uptake, ease use and allow more materials to be handled.

We envisage demand for this workshop will be high and would like to see a wide range of innovations featured within the session, including, but not limited to,:

  • Development of unique coding and scanning technology;
  • Digital and Data management and transfer that is secure with limited fraud risk;
  • Development of phone and other devices and applications to deploy this technology;
  • Unique coding methods;
  • Attaching codes or unique identifiers on to drink and other consumer containers;
  • Innovation in the provision of waste collection and recycling systems and infrastructure;
  • Understanding human behaviour, motivations and reaction to recycling;
  • Container marking e.g. RFID, bar coding, security marking;
  • Software developers e.g. digital platforms, apps for the consumer, cyber security experts;
  • Robotics and automation;
  • Logistics

Register your interest to participate and help shape and ultimately deliver a full scale digital DRS!


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