Design Foundations Competition Briefing Event 2023

Discover the future of innovation at the Design Foundations Competition Briefing Event. Unleash the power of design in driving the success of your innovative business!

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Recorded 15th June 2023


Discover the future of innovation at the Design Foundations Competition Briefing Event. Unleash the power of design in driving the success of your innovative business!

We understand that technology development without a deep understanding of people’s needs, motivations, attitudes, and frustrations can be futile.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the latest round of the Design Foundations grant funding programme, aimed at discovering the next generation of exciting products, services, and business models.

Did you know that businesses employing early-stage design techniques have seen increased revenue, market share, and exports?

They also enjoy a faster and more cost-effective innovation process. By incorporating design early on, you’ll gain greater confidence in your ideas, streamline their development, and reduce costs and the risk of failure.

About the competition

Innovate UK will invest up to £4m in innovation projects that use people-centred and system-aware design methods.

The aim of this competition is to help businesses use people-centred and system-aware design methods to lay the foundations for innovative ideas with the potential to deliver significant benefits.

Eligible organisations can apply for funding to use people-centred and system-aware design methods to:

  • improve existing innovative ideas
  • generate new ideas in response to a known need or opportunity
  • identify new opportunities to innovate and plan how to respond to them

This competition is split into 2 strands:

  • Design Foundations Round 2, strand 1: Responsive. Projects that use people-centred and system-aware approaches to develop new or significantly improved services, products, places or business models
  • Design Foundations Round 2, strand 2: Net Zero Environments. Projects that use planet-centred or system-aware approaches to consider nature as a stakeholder, to design beneficial solutions within the limits of planetary resources and ecosystems.

Both strands have a closing date of 27th July 2023.

About the recording

Watch our briefing event recorded on the 15th of June, where we’ll provide valuable insights into how UK-registered businesses and organisations can secure a share of up to £4 million, with funding of up to £80,000 available per project.

Who is the recording for?

This event is specifically tailored for senior members within organisations and investors who are eager to connect with customers, users, and wider stakeholders through early-stage, people, and planet-centred design research.

By attending, you’ll uncover high-value innovation opportunities and gain the knowledge to develop more creative products, services, and business models.

Why watch?

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss out on this event:

  • Comprehensive information: Get an in-depth breakdown of both competition streams, allowing you to make an informed decision on the most suitable path for your project.
  • Direct answers to your questions: Have burning questions about the competition? This event offers a unique opportunity to have your queries addressed directly, helping you navigate the application process smoothly.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals and industry experts during the event, creating valuable connections that can drive collaboration and future success.
  • Design in Innovation Network Platform: Learn how to sign up and make the most of our Design in Innovation Network Platform, a hub of resources, collaborations, and opportunities that will enhance your innovation journey.

Secure your spot now and embark on an exciting journey towards shaping the future of innovation!

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Design Foundations is aimed at helping businesses engage with customers, users, or wider stakeholders through early-stage, people and planet centred research to identify high-value innovation opportunities and generate more innovative products, services and business models.


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