Creative Catalyst Peer Network: Sustainability Webinar - Navigating Net Zero

As the global focus on sustainability and net zero intensifies, creative businesses have a unique opportunity to lead the way in driving positive change.

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10.00 - 13.00



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About the event

This session will provide an overview of what this world looks like, exploring the foundations of net zero and sustainable practices and how they relate to your creative business. This is followed by facilitated discussions that will offer a deeper exploration around net zero innovation adoption and the role this plays.

Be part of shaping the conversation. Prior to the webinar, we invite you to share your insights by filling out our short user journey survey.

Why should you attend?

Discover the fundamental benefits of sustainability for your business. Hear real success stories from Roxy Erickson, Co-founder of Creative Zero, a leading sustainable business consultancy including an opportunity for Q&A. Engage in discussions with peers to assess your unique position in the net zero innovation journey. It’s an opportunity to learn, share and strategize for your business’ sustainable future.

Session objectives

Part 1: Understanding sustainable practices for creative businesses: Build awareness of sustainable practices tailored to creative businesses highlighting the benefits of net zero/sustainability and exploring real-world case study examples.

Part 2: Navigating the Net Zero innovation journey: Gain insight into your business’ unique Net Zero user journey through our tailored framework to understand unique challenges, share your experiences and discuss opportunities for application.

Agenda outline

  • Welcome, introductions and context
  • Fundamentals of Net Zero for creatives
  • Case study spotlight and Q&A
  • Exploring and mapping the Net Zero innovation user journey
  • Interactive breakout sessions
  • Wrap up, key takeaways and closing remarks

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