Approaches to Life Cycle Assessment in the Bioeconomy

Join us on 24 February for the latest Bioeconomy Cluster Builder webinar to hear from the Data Lab, NNFCC – the Bioeconomy Consultants, ReviveEco & others on their insights and experiences conducting the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) process.

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10.00 - 11.30



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This webinar invites key stakeholders to share their perspectives on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) process – an important consideration for companies seeking to reduce their environmental impact. You’ll hear first-hand from data science experts, bioeconomy consultants and members of the SME community as they share their insights and experiences of conducting LCA.

Webinar recording is now available


Effective life cycle assessment (LCA) not only helps companies reduce their environmental impact, but can improve their planning, design and manufacturing processes. It also plays an important role in an organisation’s marketing and communications strategy. As we progress towards Net Zero it becomes increasingly important for businesses to conduct a rigorous assessment of all stages of a product’s life cycle – covering raw material extraction, processing and manufacturing, transportation and logistics, end use and disposal.

Furthermore, businesses developing biotechnology processes that replace petrochemical feedstocks with bio-based alternatives, must be able to demonstrate that these deliver improved environmental performance. Given the enormous range of variables to be considered, it’s widely recognised that LCA presents significant challenges – particularly for SMEs. However, its importance in transforming business models and embracing the circular economy makes it a crucial capacity for industry to develop.

For further information about the Bioeconomy Cluster Builder please contact: or Dana Heldt.

Confimed speakers

  • Karen O’HanlonLauren Spark | The Data Lab
  • Lucy Montgomery – NNFCC | The Bioeconomy Consultants
  • Scott Kennedy | ReviveEco
  • Karen O’Hanlon, Business Development Executive | The Data Lab
  • Lauren Spark, Business Development Executive | TORCH Service, The Data Lab
  • Lucy Montgomery, Senior Consultant | NNFCC, The Bioeconomy Consultants
  • Scott Kennedy and Fergus Moore, Co-founders | ReviveEco
  • Antonia Doncila, Group Sustainability Specialist | Croda Europe Ltd


  • 10:00 – Introduction and housekeeping
  • 10:10 – The Data Lab
  • 10:25 – NNFCC – The Bioeconomy Consultants
  • 10:40 – ReviveEco
  • 10:55 – Session TBC
  • 11:10 – Q&A
  • 11:30 – Close


The Bioeconomy Cluster Builder (BCB) is a three-year collaboration between the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC), KTN and Scottish Enterprise. The project aims to grow the Scottish bioeconomy by raising awareness of the applications and benefits of biotechnology and supporting the development of new value chains and markets for bio-based products. Using the extensive networks and knowledge of the three partner organisations, we connect the right people and resources – providing innovation support and signposting to funding opportunities. To find out more about the project and our planned activities, or to get involved, please visit our website.

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The BCB is an ERDF funded project. Information you provide as part of the registration process for this event may be shared between the partner organisations and our funder. You can find full details of the BCB privacy policy here.

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Its activities are focused on accelerating the journey by fueling innovation through collaboration, building skills, growing talent, and strengthening Scotland’s thriving data science community. The Data Lab is one of seven Innovation Centres funded by The Scottish Funding Council with support from Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.


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