Applications of Human Augmentation Technology

Join Innovate UK KTN to hear from a range of developers designing innovations within the emerging sector of human augmentation technologies.

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Human augmentation technologies are generally considered to be technologies that can optimise, enhance, or augment human abilities. Such technologies can range from exoskeletons that can support with heavy lifting, to advanced brain computer interfaces with applications across sectors such as health, gaming, construction, and defence. From training individuals to cope better in stressful environments, to rehabilitation and improving health outcomes, when aligned with responsible, ethical and secure development, these technologies have the potential to make a positive impact in the way in which we live.

About the event

Join Innovate UK KTN to hear from a range of technology developers that are designing innovations within this emerging sector. In addition, hear from researchers that are interested in understanding the neuroscience behind these technologies.

Who is this recording for?

This recording is for anyone with an interest in future technologies that can support human performance. This recording may be of interest to technology developers in industry and academia, as well as those working in health, defence, construction, gaming, government, and ethics and regulation.

Why watch?

  • Hear about some example technologies that are being developed within the UK to support, optimise and enhance human capabilities.
  • Learn and understand further about potential applications that are being explored for human augmentation technologies and the importance of responsible innovation.
  • Learn about the challenges and barriers of developing technologies within this area.
  • Make new connections with others interested in this emerging area.


  • Dr Benjamin Metcalfe, Deputy Director, Bath Institute for the Augmented Human
  • Dani Clode, Designer, Plasticity Lab, Cambridge University
  • Dr Shama Rahman, Founder, NeuroCreate
  • Anastasia Georgievskaya, CEO, Scentient

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