Agroforestry Innovation and Collaboration between the UK and Africa

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Agroforestry is the integration of trees and shrubs into agricultural land. It offers many benefits including sequestering carbon dioxide, enhancing biodiversity, improving degraded soils and decreasing soil erosion, while helping feed growing populations. Agroforestry can be an effective way for farmers across the world to become more climate-resilient and generate new income streams.

Interest in agroforestry is growing in both the UK and Africa. Sharing ideas and developing new innovations could help increase the success and adoption of agroforestry globally.

Join us to hear from agroforestry experts including prominent researchers, innovators and organisations from the UK and Africa, connect with organisations with agroforestry challenges and explore new innovations to improve the success and adoption of agroforestry in the UK and Africa.

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with others you could collaborate with, and hear about our AgriFood Africa Travel Grants to support new collaborations between the UK and Africa.

Who is this event for?

  • You are interested in agroforestry and learning more about this important land management practice in the UK and across Africa.
  • You have a challenge linked to agroforestry in the UK and/or Africa
  • You are working on an innovation around agroforestry
  • You are an investor looking to support agroforestry initiatives

Why attend?

  • Find out more about challenges and opportunities around agroforestry in the UK and Africa.
  • Learn about innovations to overcome barriers to agroforestry adoption.
  • Make connections with companies, academics and stakeholders across the UK and Africa involved in agroforestry to develop potential collaborations
  • Hear about our new Travel Grants to support new collaborations around agroforestry between the UK and Africa.

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