Adopt & Accelerate: Navigating Net Zero Innovation Journey in Norfolk’s Agri-food Industry

How can net zero innovation be used in your business? What stage are you at in your innovation adoption journey? What net zero solutions and technologies are there for agri-food businesses?

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14.00 - 16.30



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About the event

Join us for an engaging online webinar in collaboration with New Anglia LEP, designed for food, drink, and agri-food businesses in Norfolk and surrounding area. This event is a dynamic exploration of net zero innovation opportunities. Our webinar offers a unique platform to delve into the crucial net zero themes with your industry, with the ambition to see innovation adopted and accelerated at the local level.

It will provide good opportunities for knowledge exchange and understanding the art of the possible for not only the agri-food sector but benefits to the wider economy from industrial decarbonisation within the county.

Be part of shaping the conversation – Prior to the webinar, we invite you to share your insights by filling out our short user journey survey below. Your responses will directly inform the workshop activities, ensuring that the content addresses the challenges and opportunities that matter to you.


  • Understanding your own unique user journey for net zero innovation adoption, unravelling the stages and their individual significance to your business.
  • Dive into an in-depth understanding of the challenges and barriers associated with each stage of the net zero user journey, gaining insights on how you could overcome these obstacles.
  • Seek to empower by engaging in discussions with other industry stakeholders, gaining valuable insight and potential pathways forward for your business.

Who should attend?

This webinar is tailor-made for individuals and organisations within the food, drink, and agri-food sectors in Norfolk and surrounding areas. If you’re eager to take your net zero journey to the next level, whether you’re a seasoned sustainability advocate or just embarking on this path, this event is your chance to network, learn and contribute. Business owners, managers, innovators, and decision makers who are keen on exploring their net zero journey with other like-minded individuals.

Why should they attend?

Unearth invaluable insights into challenges, share experiences, and identify opportunities for your organisation’s growth and sustainability. This interactive session provides a pragmatic approach to assessing your position in the net zero innovation journey. Innovate UK KTN’s Net Zero team will share and guide you through a tailored framework to understand unique challenges, share your experiences and discuss opportunities for application.


  • Welcome, introductions and context.
  • Understanding the user journey for Net Zero innovation adoption and diffusion.
  • Mapping the Agri-food user journey and showcase example net zero journey.
  • Interactive knowledge exchange sessions: review of engagement survey results, understanding and mapping your own user journey.
  • Group sharing, discussion, and action planning
  • Wrap up, key takeaways and closing remarks.

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