5G in Transport & Logistics: Freight & Ports

Watch this webinar from UK5G and KTN to explore the benefits of implementing 5G across ports and freights operations – as well as learn more from those who have already introduced this new technology into their operations.

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10.00 - 12.00



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Ports are essential to the UK economy, 95% of all import and export tonnage is transported by sea. It’s been a challenging couple of years. As economies emerge post-Covid, demand is up and bringing its own challenges. Add some reactions from parts of the public and we get empty pumps and shelves, even though there’s plenty to go round. 5G probably can’t help much with panic buying, but it can enable high capacity, optimised systems for traffic and goods management, increase operational safety, connected maintenance, remote operations and more.

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Join this lively and interactive webinar to learn more about the hows and whys of 5G from those who’ve implemented it on the ground. This event will be of interest to anyone with an interest in contemporary Ports and Freight operations and outcomes.

KTN is a delivery partner for UK5G

UK5G is the national innovation network dedicated to the promotion of research, collaboration and the industrial application of 5G in the UK. Its mission is to ensure that the UK is at the forefront of global 5G development. KTN is a delivery partner for UK5G.

About the Events

By rail, road, sea, inland waterways or air, the transport and logistics sectors are the linchpins that keep the UK moving. As an island nation, the movement of goods is critical to our economy, with imports and exports worth £48bn and £51bn annually, respectively. Moving people in 2019 clocked up 873 billion passenger kilometres. These figures have taken a knock in the wake of the pandemic and with the sectors’ return to pre-pandemic levels comes a considerable set of challenges. The post-COVID, post-Brexit world is ever more complex, with shifting consumer demands and behaviours, rising costs and shrinking margins. Add to this, the sectors’ need to address its status as the UK’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases (prior to the pandemic).

To succeed and thrive, organisations need to become more resilient, agile and productive. 5G – and the digital technologies it powers – can be the key to unlocking a more efficient, sustainable future for transport and logistics.

This series of events will explore where 5G is making a difference in Transport & Logistics.



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