53rd Intelligent Sensing Programme (ISP53) – Emerging Sensing Technologies for Net Zero

Join us for this networking workshop to share knowledge and develop new collaborations to accelerate development in sensing technologies for Net Zero.

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09.30 - 16.30



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Energy is the blood of modern industry and economy. Massive production and consumption of energy in the form of fossil fuels, have produced serious impact on the climate, causing Global Warming. Now urgent actions are being taken to fight the Global Warming, such as carbon storage, decarbonisation, and green energy generation to reduce and neutralise further additional green-house gas (GHG) emissions in future, i.e. to achieve Net Zero GHG emissions. The core challenge for achieving Net Zero is through GHG emission reduction, monitoring, and removal, such as via fossil fuel replacement, decarbonisation, or GHG removal practices. Sensing technologies are one of the key enablers to support the Net Zero effort. Sensing technology is the key technology to provide all critical information which enable and implementing actions towards achieving Net Zero.

53rd Intelligent Sensing Programme (ISP53 – Emerging Sensing Technologies for Net Zero) event is an open, one-day networking workshop, aiming to bring together relevant cross-sectorial communities together, (e.g. sensors communities and other NetZero related industries, innovators, end-users and other stakeholders,) to share knowledge, networking, and partnership development, so that to stimulate new ideas generation, develop new collaboration/partnerships, to help promote and accelerate business innovations developments in this area in the UK.

About the event

In this event, we have invited key technology experts from industries and researchers, and innovators to give talks and sharing their expertise & opinions on subjects relating to following thematic topics (Event agenda will be published once all speakers are finalised in near future):

  • Net Zero Market, Needs, and Opportunities for Sensing Technologies.
  • Emerging and Novel Sensing Technologies for Net Zero.
  • Relevant Innovation Funding Opportunities in the UK.

The workshop also combines networking sessions in-between presentations and limited exhibition places to enable interested organisations to showcase their relevant technologies or services at the event.


  • 09:30 – Arrival & Registration
  • 10:00 – Welcome
  • 10:05 –  Introduction of Innovate UK KTN

Market, Challenges and Needs Session 

  • 10:15 – Enhanced Rock Weathering, challenges with Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) – Villa De Toro Sanchez, UNDO
  • 10:45 –  CO2 Capturing for chemical Synthesis and the needs for sensing technologies – Philip Hargreaves, Carbonbit
  • 11:15 – Tea and Coffee Break & Networking

Novel and Emerging Sensing Technologies Session

  • 11:45 – Magnetic sensing technologies for Monitoring of EV Batteries – Prof Peter Kruger, University of Sussex
  • 12:15 –  Optical sensors for boosting energy system performance – Ian Macafee, Oxsensis
  • 12:45 –  Sensing technologies for machinery health monitoring & efficiency improvement – Christina King, Tribosonics Ltd
  • 13:15 – Lunch and Networking
  • 14:15 – Gas Analysis and Sensing Group and NetZero – Jane Hodgkinson, Gas Analysis and Sensing Group (GASG) / Cranfield University
  • 14:45 –  Quantum Gas Lidar – A Security Camera for Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Andrew Weld, QLM Technology
  • 15:15 – Gas sensors technologies for GHG gases monitoring

UK’s Business Innovation Landscape & Funding opportunities

  • 15:45 –  Innovation Funding Opportunities in UK – Iain Mauchline, Innovate UK
  • 16:00 – Networking & Close

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