2024 Innovate UK Immersive Tech Awards Launch

Watch the launch of the 2024 Innovate UK Immersive Tech Awards, in collaboration with industry partners and our esteemed Academic Working Group.

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10.00 - 11.15



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In 2024, the Innovate UK Immersive Tech Network proudly announces the second edition of its ground-breaking competition. This unique award invites UK students to showcase their innovative ideas, experiences, or projects in the XR industry. Join us in exploring the cutting-edge creations that these talented students are bringing to the immersive technology landscape.

We have meticulously crafted this exciting competition in collaboration with industry partners and our esteemed Academic Working Group. It provides a platform for students to submit their ground-breaking work, offering insights into their innovative endeavours and explorations within the XR realm.

Why watch?

  • Prizes and acknowledgment: 5 Categories, 10 Finalist Prizes, 5 Category Winner Prizes and 4 Grand Prize internships.
  • Connection to industry: The awards serve as a vital link between students and the industry, fostering connections, and bringing fresh ideas and talent to the forefront.
  • Pathway to real-world solutions: Supported by the founders and advisory board of Innovate UK Immersive Tech Network, the awards aim to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world problem-solving, opening doors to cross-sector applications.

What to expect

  • Awards Insights: Learn about the Innovate UK Immersive Tech Awards 2024, the exciting categories, and the coveted prizes awaiting the winners including meeting the internship partners.
  • Next steps: How to apply and timelines
  • Success Stories: Engage with past winners from 2023 and gain valuable insights into their experiences.
  • Best Practices: Hear from esteemed judges about the best practices in the industry.

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