Tissue Click: Creating peptide-aptamer biomimetic technologies for clinical applications

How Innovate UK KTN helped Tissue Click generate a wide range of contacts that have helped identify new routes to market and generate business.

Posted on: 30/11/2022

About Tissue Click

Tissue Click is the only company worldwide with a mission to develop and commercialise peptide-aptamer biomimetic technologies for a range of clinical applications. Few companies worldwide focus on aptamer technologies and they all offer nucleic acid-based products.

The Challenge

Tissue Click’s products need to provide customers and partners with efficiency and competitive characteristics. Like with any other SME, their main challenges are to sign agreements with distributors and enter joint ventures with other industrial partners. For them it’s essential that they collaborate in a way that, allows them to identify and pursue new opportunities, but also address health problems of significant socioeconomic impact.

How KTN has supported Tissue Click

In the last few years, KTN has been instrumental in providing Tissue Click with advice and contacts with experts and prospective business partners.

With the help of KTN, and in particular Prof Mehdi Tavakoli, Tissue Click has found a very committed, highly experienced and ready-to-action advisor who has generated a wide range of contacts for them. This has opened a new perspective to Tissue Click, as they have been able to identify new routes to market.

Support from the IUK family

Innovate UK has been fundamental to Tissue Click in its endeavour to develop their flagship products: PhenoDrive and TC19.

  • They have been partners in two Innovate UK projects with other industrial and academic partners where PhenoDrive formulations were developed and tested as substrates for different types of cell culture models
  • In August 2020, Tissue Click started another Innovate UK project that led to the development of TC19 in less than 10 months and a clinical study in 14 months.

Throughout this time Innovate UK Edge funds and advice have enabled us to protect and brand our IP as well as to evolve our business plan with a market analysis and a plan to fulfil the requirement of the regulatory frameworks.

What’s next for the Tissue Click?

Tissue Click is currently expanding its PhenoDrive product portfolio, products for the control of inflammation, vascularisation and angiogenesis are in the testing stages and due to be launched early 2023.

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