Innovation Exchange Challenge unlocks carbon-neutral offshore wind subsea protection

ARC Marine is an innovative SME with the ambitious mission of repairing the damage to the earth’s marine ecosystems caused by centuries of habitat destruction due to anthropogenic activity. This is primarily through their novel artificial bioremediation reef technologies based upon using net-zero materials that release zero plastics, polymers or pollutants in the ocean. A typical product after 14 months colonisation is unrecognisable.

Posted on: 11/12/2023
Artificial bioremediation reef technologies after 14 months colonisation. Image credit: ARC Marine Ltd
Artificial bioremediation reef technologies after 14 months colonisation. Image credit: ARC Marine Ltd


ARC Marine have researched and trialled a number of ancillary materials for use in their structures but are still seeking a robust cost-effective material that consistently meets all their ecology and technical performance criteria.

After confirming that there were no obvious solutions from Innovate UK ecosystem to those already progressed by ARC Marine, it was agreed to utilise the Innovate UK Innovation Exchange (iX) programme. The challenge was launched to find alternative material options with a mid to high level of technical readiness rather than more academic solutions.


Assessing the challenge, the Innovate UK KTN Knowledge Transfer Managers identified potential solutions from their Circular Economy Innovation Network and a technology transfer from the marine craft and automotive sectors. This outreach and the iX portal outreach activity netted three potential solutions from UK SMEs that were novel to ARC Marine, two of which proved in interview to be likely-viable candidate technologies.

ARC Marine are now in detailed discussion with the three businesses to progress trials.

Following the process, Steve Wright of ARC Marine, said:

The process was simple to follow and we’re delighted that Innovate UK KTN Network and its people have identified two valid technologies we had not come across. In addition, we have been introduced to an innovative UK SME with the potential to collaborate on other marine habitat enhancement products in development.

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