Elements Technology: Creating low cost software solutions for manufacturers

Posted on: 27/10/2020

Elements Technology create low-cost software solutions combining shop floor data capture, quality control features and automated digitisation to enable SME manufacturers to track and manage their production, remotely.

Manufacturers need to create products and keep manufacturing. Elements Technology provides manufacturers with tools to let their office staff work flexibly, enabling production to continue being delivered effectively and on-time. Their solutions manage the interaction between staff and generate data which can be used to manage and monitor production processes. This has become particularly prevalent during the Covid-19 pandemic where manufacturers have asked office staff to work from home but still need to keep their production facility operating. Over the next 6 months, Elements will be developing their new inventory tracking solution and focus on solidifying the benefits of their solutions for remote working.

How did KTN help?

KTN initiated three major early stepping stones for Elements Technology that help them springboard their early growth journey. At the outset, Elements Technology realised they needed to build their networks and understand the manufacturing sector better.

At an Innovate UK event in February 2018, they met some key contacts within KTN who started conversations around investment generation which subsequently generated an introduction to the Digital Catapult. As a result of this, they were successful in winning one of the Digital Catapult Hack and Pitch events and the Rolls Royce Innovation Award where they were introduced to some key contacts within Rolls Royce.

KTN recommended that Elements Technology attend another Innovate UK event in May 2018, where they met Mercia Investments. Mercia went on to invest in Elements Technology through the Northern Power House Investment fund, which was an instrumental turning point for the business, starting their early growth phase.

Following an introduction by KTN to the University of Sheffield where Elements Technology met Professor of Computing Science John Clark, they delivered a very successful project with the University of Sheffield and multiple SMEs in the local region, which looked at the effects of offering trial products on subsequent adoption, and formed the beta testing of their software.

Most of the key contacts that have been instrumental to the growth of Elements Technology (for example the introduction to AMRC and a partner network of SMEs) have been generated through the KTN. In 2018 and 2019 Elements Technology exhibited on Innovation Alley at Smart Factory Expo (organised by KTN on behalf of Innovate UK), resulting in excellent awareness of the brand, exposure to a wide network of manufacturers and partners and the development of a strong pipeline of new and potential customers.

KTN has provided one to one support, alongside signposting and introductions to key individuals and decision-makers which have been instrumental to the development of our business and expansion into new markets. There’s a wealth of talent across KTN and if there are areas out-with manufacturing where we need help and support, there will always be a contact in KTN who can help. For example, we’ve had great investment advice from the A2FF team around our investment journey and future fundraising activity that we need to consider.

KTN also organise superb events that are great for networking and meeting the right people. The KTN manufacturing team has an excellent knowledge of the industry and key individuals within the sector. The fact that they can open doors, and ultimately the right doors, helps businesses such as ours find new opportunities that can really make a difference. I often signpost people to their (and Innovate UK’s) services as they really make a difference for start-ups looking to get a foot on the ladder.

The introduction to Mercia was the biggest activity that has really made a difference to my business. It provided the seed funding we needed to get the business successfully off the ground and has put us safely in the public domain.

Joe Handsaker, CEO and Founder, Elements Technology


KTN introduced Elements Technology to Mercia Investments who provided the essential seed investment necessary to get the business off the ground. Also, following an introduction by KTN to the University of Sheffield they undertook a very successful project which looked at the effects of offering trial products on subsequent adoption and subsequently formed the beta testing of their software. And by being an exhibitor on Innovation Alley in 2018 and 2019, Elements Technology has been able to generate an excellent network of partners, suppliers and customers.

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