E-Nano: innovative robots pave the way to more sustainable field management in sports and agriculture

Posted on: 05/07/2021

When it comes to sport and agriculture field management, there are many practices like over use of pesticides, weed killers, fertilisation and irrigation, that have a negative impact on the environment. Better, more reliable and more precise data would help both sectors be more sustainable.

E-Nano brings autonomous, AI-enhanced robotics capabilities out of the lab and into the real world of Sport Turf management and Agro-Industry. Their robots create a cost-efficient approach to grounds keeping and agricultural needs, through innovative data gathering and analysis for soil and environment. Their data is easy to access and to understand and help their clients reduce costs, improve performance and be more sustainable.

The KTN AgriFood team helps companies at all stages of their journey, including start-ups at the early stage of the innovation life cycle like E-Nano. Click here to find out how we could help you. 

How KTN helped 

KTN’s impact was huge to boost E-Nano’s early designs into a prototype with a clear objective and impact.

Christian von Scheidt, CEO | E-Nano

When E-Nano originally contacted KTN, their objective was to source potential customers in the agricultural sector (particularly vineyards) to conduct market research and maximise the impact their solution could have on end users.

They had a few calls with Pedro Carvalho, one of our AgriFood experts, who quickly realized the impact their solution could have on sports fields. He put E-Nano in touch with STRI Group, the world’s leading sports surface solutions provider, and attended their first meeting to support them with pitching their solution. These conversations led to a partnership between E-Nano and STRI group. E-Nano leveraged this partnership to close an additional six figure private investment to go to market with their first solution.

E-Nano is now looking into a product fully dedicated to sport turf called Sprout.

KTN allowed us to create value for our company, by linking us with valuable partners with extensive industry experience. These partnerships allowed us to develop our product, adding features we hadn’t deemed necessary but are desirable within our partner’s industry.

KTN connected us with potential clients to determine what they see as desirable as well as with potential suppliers to evaluate the feasibility of our product.

We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with KTN and particularly Pedro Carvalho from the AgriFood team, who was of great service to E-Nano.

Christian von Scheidt, CEO | E-Nano

It has been a pleasure supporting Christian and his bright team at E-nano. Managing sport turf is not an easy task and Sprout can help do that in a more sustainable manner. Thinking out of the box and making powerful connections is the core of what we do at KTN, and it is amazing to see how doing that can bring new solutions to old problems.

Pedro Carvalho, Knowledge Transfer Manager, Plants & Crops | KTN

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