Accelerating the early development of crop innovation

Charles Veys founded Fotenix in 2018 in a mission to improve the productivity and profitability of agriculture. Fotenix use cameras to detect disease on plants and enable the industry to act earlier and inform sustainable practices.

Posted on: 23/05/2023

How the Innovate UK KTN AgriFood team helped

Charles came to the AgriFood team early in his journey. We supported him to figure out how his services could fit in the industry landscape and what to focus on to create a product that was really needed. We also connected him with the farming industry so he could reach end users and develop his services to fit them.

The impact that the AgriFood team had on Fotenix was really about accelerating our early development. It allowed us to speak to people that had done it before and learn from their mistakes.

– Charles Veys, CEO of Fotenix

Through our AgriFood Investment Readiness Programme, Charles attended sessions on investor insights, due diligence, IP, and pitch training, including constructive critiques from AgriFood sector experts.

The best thing about the support we received from the AgriFood team was the impartial advice really coming from a friendly face, whether it was pitching to investors or hearing about hot topics in the agricultural sector.

Charles went on to secure private investment and match grant funding through the Transforming Food Production: Series A Investor Partnership Programme (Round 1).

If you would like support to fast-track your AgriFood innovation, get in touch with our AgriFood team now.

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