SafeZone Phase 3

The development of computational aerodynamic modelling for wind, using ‘nanodrones’ to accurately measure real-life scenarios.


SafeZone Phase 3

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Project dates: 1 July 2022 – 30 June 2024

About the project

SafeZone Phase 3 builds on the success of a previous project, part funded by the Future Flight Challenge, to model wind around urban and airport locations.

Please Note: Funding available is the grant value awarded by Innovate UK.

Project activities

The project will develop computational aerodynamic modelling for wind, using ‘nanodrones’ to accurately measure real-life scenarios to validate the models.

Building on previous live flight trials to validate the aerodynamic data service, including the detection and quantification of detailed aerodynamic features (vortices) in addition to gross features (airflow around the buildings), SafeZone Phase 3 will further develop the technical and regulatory requirements for the safe operation of drones.

The project will produce large amounts of wind field data, available on-demand via the AIRSIGHT platform, and other projects funded by the Future Flight Challenge will be provided with free access to an online AIRSIGHT dataset for a neutral site.

Social acceptance of drone flights in proximity to buildings will also be promoted via public communications and dissemination.


The primary benefits of SafeZone Phase 3 are in making UAS flight safer through accurate predictions of wind effects in a variety of environments, including live flight trials at airports and in real-world use cases such as autonomous inspection drones.

To find out more about the project, please contact Innovate UK Business Connect’s Knowledge Transfer Manager for Aviation.

Project partners

  • Zenotech
  • Cranfield University
  • Cardiff Airport
  • Flare Bright

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