Malcolm Harold

Malcolm brings to the team over 30 years’ experience in design, innovation, materials and manufacturing in over 34 countries. His experience is from both the private and public sectors.

In 2013 and 2014, he was the Innovate UK program manager for the consolidation of 15 KTN’s into the 1 KTN it is today.

Having worked with Sir Terence Conran on many commercial contracts and an SME, he subsequently led a team at Warwick Manufacturing Group on design led new product development £6.4 M program for UK manufacturing.

He is highly focused on commercialising new products and frequently pivots companies into new more profitable markets and associated strategic realignment.

Having spent 11 years in the international manufacturing consultancy team at the University of Warwick, Warwick Manufacturing Group, led by Professor Lord Bhattacharyya: he worked in a broad range of industry sectors. Fieldwork and research for his MBA thesis was undertaken in India and China.

His Technology Strategy Board, Materials KTN and Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining (IOM3) experience enabled him to support wider innovation, materials and manufacturing sector needs.

He has helped raise investment through the Business Expansion Scheme (BES) for a high growth SME  with significant exports that is still thriving 30 years on.

With Innovate UK and BEIS, and using lessons learned from companies as far away as Japan, he has played a significant role in business support infrastructure development, including the establishment of a UK national tool to assist companies adopting Industry 4.0 principles.

As part of his beyond net-zero commitment, design and resource efficiency, Malcolm was Chairman of the Natural Materials Association (NMA) for the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).

In addition to the Scaleup Programme role and coaching, Malcolm has interests in agriculture, cycling, wildlife, conservation, low energy heating solutions and water-sports, some of which he enjoys with his children.


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