Emma Douglas-Beet

Emma has co-founded several businesses over the last 25 years, including a Marketing Agency, Grant Support organisation and Equity Investment (Investment Readiness) business.

Through her knowledge of sales and marketing, she has not only supported founders to launch, scale and grow new innovations, but also guided them to secure equity funding from Angels, funds, VC’s, and crowdfunding platforms.

Emma’s core skill is helping a company identify, and then assist them with unlocking what is needed to increase growth.  From this point, so many need to access additional funding to help them reach their goals, so she helps create the strategy, prepare them for funding using a blended funding approach, then assists them in creating lasting partnerships for growth. As an ex-business owner, she is acutely aware of, and understands the ups and downs of the business journey and is an empathetic advocate of the founders she has supported, based on real life experience.

Her ability to connect individuals has led to many long-term partnerships built up over the years. Emma has spoken at many events on the funding landscape and what investors are looking for, she does this by listening to what investors are telling her and then she can impart this knowledge onto founders that are looking to raise capital to expedite their growth.  She has reviewed 1000’s of pitch decks and knows what a ‘good’ opportunity looks like. This insight has made her not only a great all-round mentor but also the potential key to unlocking your next fund raise.

Having joined the IUK Scaleup Programme in 2020, her knowledge of the government’s landscape of support, both financial and actual, has grown tenfold. This has led to several of her clients unlocking hard to find funding that is not always visible to the general viewer.


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