Sarah Ayton

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Investor Communities - Future Economies

Sarah Ayton

In my capacity as a Knowledge Transfer Manager (KTM) of Investor Communities focused on Health and Agriculture initiatives, I play a pivotal role in supporting Innovate UK Business Connect’s efforts to mobilise private investors towards the advancement of the UK’s Health and Agriculture economy.

Prior to joining Innovate UK Business Connect, my professional journey involved working in an Investment Fund supporting early-stage companies in their pursuit of raising capital. This encompassed various responsibilities, including the development of investment assets, preparing companies for investor engagement, and overseeing fundraising efforts. Subsequently, I transitioned into a venture capital investment role, further honing my expertise in the investment landscape. I studied for my MSc in International Business at the University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School.

At Innovate UK Business Connect, my role revolves around facilitating collaboration among stakeholders committed to advancing innovation in health and agriculture. By fostering collaboration and creating conducive conditions for increased private investment, I strive to drive innovation and growth in these critical industries, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of health outcomes and sustainable agricultural practices.


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